Komatiitic explosive volcanism (2,7-2,6 Ga) referred to shallow-level magma chamber from mantle plume or diapir as part of incipient convection cell at 2,8-2,3 Ga in the Fennoscandian (Baltic) Shield

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Updated evidences for my theses are available in WEB:

Reijo Salminen, Editor of Geochemical Atlas of Northern Europe advised me once again, and Ms. Becky Bingham in Sandy, Utah got me and my wife interested about geology in Yellowstone.

Eelis Pulkkinen, discoverer of Pahtavaara gold ore was my co-working reconstructor of Sattasvaara cinder cone already in the 80s. We have Booth C11 "Kittilä supervolcano - A gold source in Archean mantle underplating" in FEM2017. Our goal is financial support to develop at least Sattasvaara volcano into target for international geo-tourism - and to locate the rest of the volcanic vents at the calderas of Kittilä supervolcano. Financing could mean the best goodwill to international prospectors in Lapland that contains much more mine possibilities than the prevailing theories can promise. The start was sponsored by K.H. Renlunds Stiftelse.

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This website is collection of my Synopsis "Komatiitic Explosive Volcanism, Volcanoes, and Its Tectonic Significance in Northern Finland, the Fennoscandian (Baltic) Shield" for academic dissertation which was unaccepted 1991 and 1992. The (unpublished) abrichment is no-updated introduction to my manuscript "High viscosity and cooling rate in komatiites: Extrusions from mantle underplating at ~ 2,7 Ga in North Finland?" (in review, disclaimed 2015). My investigation was actualized at the 2000's by Europe's biggest nickel-ore deposit of AngloAmerican Ltd within the mantle-plume area as a surprice in the framework of traditional Proterozoic plate-tectonic models of North Finland. Metamorphic evolution of the present-like komatiites made difficult to understand that the rocks are Archaean in origin.

Matti Saverikko 


Dear Visitor, if you refer or referred to my investigation would you inform me of your interesting paper, please.

Original Highlights

Preface (1989): Komatiitic explosive volcanism: Special evidence for an Archaean craton.

collected editions

Synopsis: Komatiitic Explosive Volcanism, Volcanoes, and Its Tectonic Significance in Northern Finland, the Fennoscandian (Baltic) Shield. (3,0 Mb)
Komatiitic explosive volcanism and its tectonic setting in Finland, the Fennoscandian (Baltic) Shield. (26,4 Mb)
The Lapland greenstone belt: Stratigraphic and depositional features in northern Finland. (17,6 Mb)
The pyroclastic komatiite complex at Sattasvaara in northern Finland. (25,3 Mb)
Palaeogeography and palaeovolcanism of the Kummitsoiva komatiite complex in northern Finland. (82,6 Mb of the whole Bulletin)
The Kummitsoiva komatiite complex and its satellites in northern Finland. (21,5 Mb)

Guide Map for field excursion in central Lapland: Special reference to pyroclastic komatiites. (1,3 Mb)

The Oraniemi arkose-slate-quartzite association: An Archaean aulacogen fill in northern Finland. (206,6 Mb of the whole bulletin)

(Early) Precambrian convection cell in the Fennoscandian Shield?. (1,8 Mb)

Sakatin suuri nikkelimalmio ei ollut yllätys. Summary: The Sakatti nickel-ore deposit was not a surprice. (2,3 Mb)

Lithologic Map   Geotectonic Map   Stratigraphy   Pictures

Totuus Geologiassa. Abstract: Philosophical truth in the Geology

We must apply (geological) principles out of our empirical knowledge to simplify the universe of discourse. David Hume asked about the competence of the principles applied to the scientific discussion and John Locke was afraid of such people, who have administrative law accompanied by a strong will to dictate the competence of the principles. That was destiny of my career in the form of my unaccepted academic dissertation 1991 in Helsinki University but also 1992 in Åbo Akademi, its unpublished version 2008 for Bull. Geol. Soc. Finland, its cancelled poster presentation in Geological Colloquium at Helsinki 2007 and its unpublished brief note as a Finnish-English version 2010 in Society’s newsletter Geologi. (But Aku Heinonen, editor of ‘Geologi’ accepted my brief note at last to Geologi 4/2014.)

 The original (Finnish) justification for rejecting of my Synopsis i.e. summary of the published editions:

Emme ole erityisemmin tarkastaneet kirjallisuusviitteitä, mutta… GTL:lla on ollut monivuotinen tutkimusprojekti selvittämässä Keski-Lapin vulkaanisia kiviä. Tällä projektilla on ollut aivan toisenlainen tutkimuskapasiteetti käytössään kuin Saverikolla. Siten osajulkaisujen tieteellinen merkitys on vähentynyt osin jo nyt ja vähenee edelleen huomattavasti, kun Lapin vulkaniittiprojektin loppuraportit ilmestyvät” (Prof. Kauko Laajoki & Dr. Ahti Silvennoinen, 1991).

Freely translated: We have not particularly audited the references, but ... GSF has studied many years volcanic rocks in central Lapland and has completely different capasity for research than that of Saverikko. That is why the scientific importance of the editions has declined in part already (at 1991), and will continue to decrease significantly when the report of the Lapland Volcanite Project is published. Report (75 Mb) = Report of Investigation 140, Geol. Surv. Finland, Espoo 1998).

As cream on the cake my own Professor Ilmari Haapala did not do any markings about the conclusion of my dissertation process (Jorma Äijö, Faculty Administrative Manager, 2013) and denied anyone even to have ordered to referees (Prof. Juha Karhu 2013). He said as supervisor of our Finnish-Tanzanian project, that “Saverikko skims only the cream from the milk” (Dr. Tapio Koljonen 1983-84).

Younger Finnish referees also deseased my later manuscripts from spreading into international and domestic discussion. My opinion was fenced out of Platon’s dialogue and Hegel’s dialecties. The methods form way of Leibniz’s sufficient argumentation and Descartes’s systematic scepticism, to bring into use a new explanation of higher scientific rate. Geological knowledge becomes actual on time from a group of potential explanations the all of which, after Aristoteles, stay in existence. Descartes does not accept authorities, traditions or routines for a base of the knowledge. Some of the highly graduated geologists in Finland do not understand the difference between actualization and authorization: the argument (or interpretation in geology) is not scientific, if it can not be disproved (Karl Popper). The dogmas belong under theology, and the dogmatism shows lack of courage (Nietsche).

But fortunately, Prof. Haapala was the only one who in the supervisory board of GSF repeatedly refused to hire me researcher (ex-Chief of GSF Kalevi Kauranne 1999). Otherwise, my career should be composed of studies like that of stratigraphic situation between the “Backyard Formation” and the “Front-yard Formation”.

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